About Beth Dana

Raised in Tennessee, it was on a family trip to Colorado that a creative spark was ignited. I took one look at those awe inspiring Rocky Mountains and said out loud, “when I grow up, I’m gonna live in the mountains and write children’s books!” I was just five then and already envisioning a dream.

I left those Southern roots as soon as high school ended and ventured back to the mountains to attend the University of Colorado. There I indulged in nature, friends, and a dog named Violet. I simultaneously earned a degree in English and Creative Writing and eventually became an elementary teacher.

It was while living in a valley in the mountains of Southern Oregon that Dream Creek Press was born. My dog, Bella, and I took advantage of trails among hills and lakes, creeks and trees. That gorgeous furry creature opened my heart in every moment and inspired my first book. Bella passed in March of 2010. My grieving was somewhat comforted by her request to come back to me as a beach dog.

And here I am now, living in the paradise of central coast California. I feel at home, protected by the Santa Ynez Mountains and soothed by Pacific Ocean breezes. On Halloween 2010, a puppy named Finn was born. He may share the soul of Bella, but has a personality all his own. Finn is madly in love with his beach jaunts and may even inspire the next book.

In addition to writing and illustrating, I am also the Principal Designer of Beth Dana Design. Breathing life into homes is another passion.

I have always had a love for animals and a dream to create books for children. Dream Creek Press and my first book of My Oh My Sweet Potato Pie celebrate both.