Praise for My Oh My Sweet Potato Pie

Thank you Beth! Your book is one of my all time favorites! I’ve given copies to several nieces, nephews, friends, and of course my own three grandchildren. The golden retriever in your sweet story reminds me so much of my beloved 14 yr. old golden, Chloe, who passed away a few years ago. I hope you keep writing — your book was reminiscent, delicious, and delightful. Thank you for sharing your talent! –Miki Smirl
Hello Beth. I just wanted to say how much my kids loved your book My Oh My Sweet Potato Pie! Last night I read it and you always know a story touches them when after the last page comes squeals of “read it again, Mom!” It is a wonderful story and you should be so pleased. The illustrations are beautiful! Also seeing some of the characters in Birkenstocks made me smile. -Stephanie Crowe
A clever, funny story that both kids and adults should love. -Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards
Hi Beth. Yesterday I had the pleasure of reading your book to two classes (grades 1 and 2) at my school. It was such a wonderful time for all of us…the kids just loved the story, the engaging artwork, and they made so many connections! The book also provided an opportunity to expand their vocabulary, as well! All of the kids asked for a copy of the recipe in the book…I obliged…and expect to hear some stories about their baking experience (and maybe a taste, too)! Thanks for such a delightful book. -Anne Gold
Dear Ms. Bloch, Our second grade class read your book, My Oh My Sweet Potato Pie. We found the recipe in the back and decided to make a sweet potato pie. It disappeared so fast because everybody wanted seconds! Now I am hungry for sweet potato pie every day. Thank you for your kind and funny story! Your friend, Nicole
Dear Ms. Bloch, I would like to share with you how much I enjoyed your book My Oh My Sweet Potato Pie . I liked when you changed the font and the size of the letters. How did you put the dog in the pictures? It was hilarious when the Bella ate the pie. Thank you for including the recipe. We made the sweet potato pie and it was delicious! I hope you write more great books! Your friend, Monyae
Dear Ms. Bloch, my second grade class loved your story My Oh My Sweet Potato Pie. The photographs of Bella were marvelous and creative. Last night I made your sweet potato pie. I loved your story, Ms. Bloch! I would like to own Bella because she is my favorite kind of dog. I loved your story and Bella too. Thank you for entertaining me! Your friend, Nikki
Dear Ms. Bloch, I enjoyed your book so much! The part where Bella ate all of the sweet potato pies was so great! It was funny when Bella was thinking she could get rid of the pies. It was a great story because the dog was sneaky. I also liked how Aunt Lolly did not stay mad at Bella. Your book was more exciting that any other book! Your friend, Lauren
Dear Ms. Bloch, that was the coolest book I have ever seen! I will try to watch for more books by you. Your friend, Lexi
Dear Ms Bloch, you illustrated a very wonderful book that made me laugh. Your friend, Courtney
Dear Ms. Bloch, The book My Oh My Sweet Potato Pie was fantastic and magnificent too. Thank you for writing this wonderful book! Your friend, Taylor
Dear Beth Bloch. I think the book was great! I liked Bella and the art. I want to meet you. From, Hannah
Dear Beth Bloch, I like how you took pictures of Bella and put them in this book! From, Sarah
Dear Beth Bloch, I really liked your story because Bella did something really bad and she got forgiven. And I liked it because you took a picture of your dog and made her look real in the story. Please write back. From, Madison
Dear Ms Bloch, Your story made me giggle when the dog went inside and made a big mess. The words were in BIG letters and different colors. That’s called author’s craft. Bella listened when she was told to stay in the house. I would like to have a dog. The book was a fantastic story. Your friend, Jen
Dear Ms. Bloch, I enjoyed My Oh My Sweet Potato Pie so much! I would like to be an illustrator or an author one day. Your friend, Jasmine
Dear Ms. Bloch, Thank you for writing a hilarious and superb story! Your friend, Chase